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Making anchor charts has always been hard work for me. In fact, I never liked making anchor charts for the classroom. I did it because it helps the kids, but I am not a fan of my handwriting, my drawing is even worse, and let’s not even talk about the time it takes to make nice looking anchor charts.

As teachers, we do not possess much of that thing called, “time.” I mean really, I found myself shoving down carrots and ranch dressing (because I want to be healthy) then devouring allll the chocolate (because I really don’t care about healthy anymore) while making anchor charts. 30 minutes later, lunch was done, anchor chart almost complete…and oops…I misspelled the title. I mean really? Rip it off the chart paper pad, throw it in the trash, and rush out the door.

Unfortunately, I didn’t wise up for a long time. 8 years of teaching…and a light bulb goes off. Pre-make the anchor charts. In the comfort of my own home…I make the anchor chart…on the computer. Then print, and glue! Done, done…and done. Now…I still eat all the chocolate, but now I get lunch and I am no longer in the need of anger management courses over misspelled words.

I may sound like a crazy person to you…but I know you have been there too. Honesty is the best policy. 🙂

Now, I KNOW I am not the first one that has ever pre-made anchor charts, or printed items off of the computer for an anchor chart. I am in NO way claiming to be the first to do this. But, I have been a TpT seller for a few years now and the idea just popped into my head…”if I make all of my centers, lessons plans, etc…why not anchor charts?” And there you have it.

Below are a few of the anchor charts I have made and so far I love them and other teachers are loving them. I waited to do this post until I knew others found a need for these too! And yes! I was not alone! It was confirmed I was not crazy and other teachers, in fact, DO have anger problems when it comes to making hand-made anchor charts.

Many people have asked what products are needed to make these. I purchased my chart paper and Astrobrights paper from Amazon. Those two things (well, with scissors and glue) are all you need!

Each Anchor Chart also comes with a student journal chart as well! The students can glue these in their journals for an easy reference later!


I also have MATH for my math people!

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