Among Us Learning

In the midst of this crazy school year, I noticed that my students were really loving a game called Among Us. It was all they would talk about. I have tried so hard to keep my students engaged this year after the 5 MONTH break during the pandemic. I decided it was time for the ol’ “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude. I created an engaging resource themed with Among Us. The kids LOVE it!

The wonderful thing about creating resources that students love is there is no BATTLE. No fussing or fighting…or groaning or moaning. There are so many components to this Growing Bundle–we never run out of things to do!

When I started, we read the passage (the passage is leveled for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.) I used what I needed to meet the needs of my kids. Some read the 3rd grade version, some the 4th, and even some read the 5th grade version! Next, we answered the comprehension questions–I did this part digitally because I liked being able to see them work while I was doing small groups (I would just login to Google Classroom and watch their progress.)

Then, we played the Inference Game! Oh. My. Goodness! They loved this game. I can be done digitally but we did it with cards. The game is challenging, don’t get me wrong, but they loved it so much!

I felt, in that moment, that I was doing something right for a change. The excitement they had for this made me so happy! The winning team got these little keychains as a prize!

Next, we worked on vocabulary and the editing practice! I did the editing practice in small group and the vocabulary in whole group.

To add to the fun, I decided to create a couple of FREE components for my blog readers!

This is basically a choice board–but titled to fit the Among Us theme! Once the student get a “row” eliminated, they get an Among Us Key Chain as well! I have not used this yet, but will be passing it out the Monday after Spring Break! It is great for those fast-finishers!

Another free resource is this editing passage to help practice those difficult editing skills!

Overall, I believe it is so important to meet students where they are! The kids are currently interested in Among Us, so I want to use that to engage my students! It has worked wonderfully!

If you would like this Literacy Bundle for yourself, grab it here!

I appreciate you all so much! I hope you enjoy these free resources and this engaging bundle!