Finding a New Normal

Wow, I never thought I would being trying to navigate teaching during a pandemic–but here we are! Our school plans on going back and offering a few different options for parents. So, I am getting my classroom ready and eager to meet my new students! One thing that is heavy on my heart (having children of my own) is wanting the students to feel comfortable and confident in my classroom. I want them to know that we will take good care of them. I also want the environment to be welcome and not sterile feeling. I created these fun/informative posters for my bulletin board. I love how they turned out!

I think it is a great reminder of what we expect…yet not overwhelming to the students. Our 4th graders will have to wear masks–so I think this might be my favorite poster!

I know so many of the students will have questions. My hope is that I will be able to answer those questions in a way that makes them feel encouraged and safe. If you would like these posters for your room–they are FREE in my TpT Shop. I also have a poster option for the students that don’t have to wear masks.

Now, how do I plan on managing multiple different learning paths this year? That is a big WHOA! I know my team and I can do it–but it will be hard. Some will learn LIVE from home, some will be face-to-face, and some will learn from home but not LIVE…just in their own time. Everything will basically be recorded and uploaded to Google Classroom. So, my team and I have decided that as much as we can do online for ALL students is best, even the ones in class. Then, if we have to go home due to a breakout, or for whatever reason…we will be prepared and our students will already know the expectations. I have been doing a lot of digital creating lately.

One thing that I have ready for Week 1 is our Vocabulary. I have 12 weeks done digitally and our students will all use Chromebooks to work on this in class.

They will work on 5 new words each week. Using them in their writing, learning the definitions, visualizing the word, etc. There are assessments included. Basically everything we need–just no copies to make! That’s a win!

I always have people ask, so I will link them below. But yes, I do have other grades. I have 3rd-5th. I have six weeks done on 3rd and 5th–I will be adding more in the next few weeks!

3rd Grade Digital Vocabulary

4th Grade Digital Vocabulary

5th Grade Digital Vocabulary

Lastly, Anchor Charts are a huge part of my classroom! I love bright and colorful anchor charts hanging around my classroom! If every lesson is going to be recorded, I will make sure the students can see these anchor charts in the videos as well! I decided I needed to add some kind of digital component though–but how? Well, each anchor chart already included a journal version for the student to glue in their journal. I decided to make those journal versions digital as well. Now, teachers can assign those on Google Classroom. If your kids cannot see your classroom and your anchor charts–they will have the very same one but on Google Classroom!

ELAR and Math are both listed separately. They also are included in the Literacy and Math Bundles if you need to physical anchor charts and the digital ones too! Below is an example of the physical anchor charts!

I think all we can really do is be prepared as we can be. Right? I mean, no one I know has ever done this before. So, let’s navigate this year with a lot positivity for the kids and a lot of grace for ourselves and each other!

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Have a great rest of the week and weekend!