Spelling Enrichment

Two weeks of school is in the books! I love my kids and we are learning so much together already. I do have a few new products that I am using with my students that I would love to share with you! However, for now, I will just link them. I will do full blog posts on them in the coming week!

Reading Brochures

Multisensory Grammar

Text Features and Graphic Text

You are welcome to check those out (in fact, I would love it if you followed my TpT Shop so you could receive updates when I post new items!)

TpT Shop

Next, on to the purpose of this blog post! I have a created a Spelling Enrichment activity that I think (I hope) will work great for my students!

I do not call it a choice board because for my students, it will be optional. We do not require spelling homework but encourage them to study. My students will receive 5 Class Dojo points if the complete this each week (trust me, they will want to complete it!) lol. Therefore, I will refer to it as enrichment.

Each week they write their words in their planners or they are given a list to study. It just depends on the teacher preference. Then they will choose an activity from the Spelling Enrichment to complete (if they decide they would like the Dojo points.) You could do any reward you would like or make it mandatory if you prefer that method! Really, whatever works for you and your students is best.

I like to think the enrichment activities are creative. Some are basic but some require some creativity. I like a good mixture. I also love that it is one page for the ENTIRE YEAR! 36 activities on one page. After they complete an activity, they color in that box. The activities do repeat in a diagonal pattern! I am okay with that since they will have new words each week.

In closing, I am excited to see how my students respond to this on Tuesday! I have a very driven group this year and I think they will love the opportunity to earn extra points!

For my Dojo Point System, I use the following chart.

I have provided a free, editable one for you. Just ignore the plain font. 🙂 I made it that way so you could easily edit it! Feel free to change the font and anything else you would like to change!

I hope this has helped you find an engaging yet easy solution to spelling “homework.”

Have a fabulous week!