Autumn Books and Choice Boards

I love reading fall themed books but I do not always want them to be Halloween themed. So many children do not observe Halloween as a holiday. While I think it is okay to still talk about this holiday, I try to read books that will speak to each of the students in the classroom. Also, let’s face it…if the student doesn’t celebrate Halloween–they ask a whole lot of questions when we read Halloween books. Who can blame them?

Below are my top five favorite fall/autumn read alouds. These are not the typical books that are listed in every blog post though. I try to choose books that all of my students haven’t read before coming to me.

At the bottom of this post, you will find two choice boards to use with these read alouds! Kids love to choose activities after reading these books. I give them these boards and let them pick 2 or 3 activities to do with each book.

1. Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden

This book is great for talking about the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. The pictures are great and the uniqueness of the way the book is written keeps students highly engaged!
Another great book for informational text. The photographs are great and it discusses all things pumpkin! Now, not all of my favorite autumn books are about pumpkins but I really love these two! I also put these in centers and such throughout the season!

Eeek, Sophie’s imagination is my favorite! This is a great story of using your imagination, friendship and the kids always get such a kick out of it!

Pumpkin Soup is a great book about friendship and solving problems with friends. I love the message it sends about compromise as well! Such a cute story with great characters!

First, the Otis books are so good and I love the illustrations! This book is a great story of how we should not judge a book by its cover or always rely on first impressions.

As I said before, I read these books (over a few weeks) and each time I read one–I give the students one of these choice boards. The students can partner up and do activities or do them independently!

I hope you enjoy these books and these choice boards! I know your students will love them!
Happy Fall,
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