Life-Size Board Game for Teaching Multiple Concepts

We all know that engaging students is important. But do you ever struggle with unique ways to engage your students? I know I do. One night, while laying in bed, I came up with a fun idea for teaching certain concepts. Life-Size Game Boards. Pretty cool huh?

To make this happen, you will need to do a little prep. However, it will be very worth it!
1. Make sure you have large dice, cups and the board game tiles. (I linked my affiliate links for these if you need them!)

2. Print the clip art people, laminate and cut them out. Using binder clips, clip them to the cups. 

3. Lay out the game board tiles in any formation that looks like a game board.

4. Print, cut and laminate the question cards.

5. Use masking tape or packing tape, tape the cards to the tiles.

6. Edit the vocabulary cards (the students will draw a word’from the pile each turn) to match the vocabulary words you need.

7. Students will roll ONE die, draw a card, and do the task on the board. If the student lands on a blank square, have them choose any task on the board to do. If the student gets it correct, they stay on the board. If the student misses, they go back to the beginning! First student to the end wins!

I have done this game before, just not on a life-size game board until now! I just love it! This particular game is for vocabulary. You can add any vocabulary words you need your students to master. The vocabulary cards (not the game squares) are editable. 

I will also be adding more games like character traits, text features, and more! I cannot wait to see pictures of your students using these as well!

If you would like this for your classroom, you can grab a copy in my TpT Shop. I also have a Character Traits version posted as well, and a Growing Bundle!

Let me know how this works for you!