Test Prep Encouragement! (And a Freebie!)

How many of you are starting to prepare for those “tests?” Yeah…that four-letter word…TESTS! We have our state standardized tests coming up in  2 weeks. Yikes…two weeks. I really hate the way we put so much emphasis test scores. I mean, I try not to worry…but in the end…it has a large impact on how the kids feel about themselves…and well, how teachers feel about themselves. 

But when the day is done, we know that we did all we can do and we hope *pray* for the best! I always tell my kids, I want them to JUST DO THEIR BEST! I believe giving them that little gem each and every day may help with the test anxiety. There are other ways to help them too though!

Each year, (usually in April because I have always taught 3rd grade until now) I put together bags for the kids and send a letter home to parents. The bag is a “Survival Kit” for the kids! The letter is a letter explaining how important it is for their child to get a good night’s sleep, eat a hearty breakfast and for the parents to be encouraging to their children. 

**Side rant…I HATE when parents upset their children on the day of the standardized test! I have had kids come in crying because their mom threw their breakfast out the window and called them stupid. Really? Yeah, let’s try to overcome that one in 5 minutes.** Rant Over. 🙂

Here is my preparation for these bags. I haven’t stuffed all of them yet…but I am in the process.

I print the letter on colored paper and the tags on colored paper (the tags for the Survival Kit will go on the bags that contain the Survival Kit items.) The tags are super cute if printed on white paper because the borders and clipart are in color…but I just liked doing mine on colored cardstock. 🙂
Cut the tags apart! Easy Peasy!

My favorite part, write a sweet message on each bag! I buy the white lunch sacks from Amazon! $5 for 40 of them! Then I can save the rest for Valentine’s Day or whatever else I need them for!
Now, I am ready to start stuffing! Make sure you write your message while they are empty! lol. I have made that mistake…twice. *whomp whomp.*

These are super cheap to make too! For all of the Survival Kit items (for 25 kids) I spent $9 dollars! 
**Special Note…the “hugs” are actually Hershey Kisses…my fifth grade boys might have died if I gave them a “kiss.” lol. 

So there you have it! I send the note home the night before the test and the bags are on their desks when they arrive at school! Even if they did have a bad morning…this usually cheers them up! 

Pro Tip: Have the students put the bags on the floor or far far away DURING the test. The students do not need to be digging through the bags during the test. *crinkle…crinkle…all morning long.*

I hope you find this as useful as I do! Also, most people are good with the letter I already have written, but I can easily provide you with an editable version. E-mail me at Hillary3986@gmail.com!

Otherwise, grab this free item in my store! 

Happy Teaching!

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