Yippee for Poetry!

Poetry is one of my FAVORITE things to teach…I love, love, love it! I think there are so many fun things you can do with poetry (reading and writing!)

I have noticed there are so many elements to poetry though, that sometimes I have a hard time keeping them straight. I know if I find it hard, my 3rd graders must find it absolutely dreadful. I decided to create some fun activities for them to help with all of those elements right before our dreaded STAAR test! (3 weeks…EEK!) Anyway…I’ve created 15 posters that will be me room for the weeks to come! An AWESOME BINGO Game (who doesn’t love BINGO??) And a few practice sheets, responses, note taking sheets, and OF COURSE…my Poetry Choice Board! 🙂 Here is the PACK!

Earlier in the year I used my Elements of Poetry Slide Show to teach them the elements and they loved it! Since then, we have talked about them weekly. I needed something new and a little more glamorous to WOW them in the last few weeks. I hope you like it as well! I love colors and clipart–so beware–its bright and shiny! 🙂 Enjoy and Happy Teaching!

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