Snooping Out Text Features!

One of the things I always struggle with during teaching is Text Features. To me they seem so easy…but for students, they are so hard!

Text Features are found in Non-Fiction text…and I think that may be the difficult part. Students do not have enough exposure early on to information (non-fiction) text.

I am going to start early with my students this year…but I am going to start by teaching text features (when I introduce non-fiction.) I feel that if students have a good grasp of text features (and how they can HELP you read and understand informational text) they will be more successful!

I created (yet another) slide show but this time to teach text features! I’m getting a great response on my others (and I know I will use these with my students as well.) This slideshow is called “Snooping out Text Features.”

I’m taking the approach that we have to be detectives when we are looking for text features. Text features do not always jump off the page at us…and even if they are noticable, we have the dig in and figure out why the text features are there (yes they are there for a reason!) Below is a preview of 4 slides of my 16 slide powerpoint. I hope you find it benefical for you and your students! 🙂 Happy Teaching!

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