Enrichment Corner (3rd Grade)


Enrichment Corner is designed to help your students get the most out of their time in your classroom. Many times students complete work and we may be working at the small group table, talking with a principal, or handling a situation with another student. Students are told to sit quietly, read silently, or wait until given further instructions.

We also have those fast-finishers that are done before some children write their name and date. Enrichment Corner helps engage students, creates a flawless system of purpose in your classroom, and helps students feel proud and successful of their work.


Enrichment Corner includes 30 activities (some will take a week, others will not) for the students to complete! Once they have completed all of the activities, they get to join the #ECMsquad (Enrichment Corner Mastery Squad!) From there, they will become a Squad Recruiter to help other students complete Enrichment Corner!

Each activity is aligned to CCSS and TEKS Standards (The NEW TEKS that come into action in 2018, but you can still use them now!)

Please take a look at my blog post to see a detailed explanation and pictures of it in action!

Enrichment Corner Blog Post

The students receive a certificate when they complete Enrichment Corner and have their name placed on a bulletin board! (Bulletin Board Set is included!)

Each activity comes with a Standards Card, Instruction Card, and activities!

NOTE: Enrichment Corner targets Language Arts skills with some integrated Social Studies and Science!

The entire product includes:

A CLICKABLE Table of Contents

30 detailed Enrichment Activity Sets (each set includes 3-4 activities)

Student Checklist

Certificate of Completion

Teacher Checklist

Bulletin Board Decor

Detailed Instructions and Pictures


Crate Labels (See Blog Post for Pictures)

Binder Cover

I have poured my heart and soul into this curriculum because I know how much we need this and how much our students need this!


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