Back to School Needs!

For BACK TO SCHOOL NEEDS, I love shopping at a few different places!

Amazon and Michael’s are probably my TOP FAVORITES though! Let’s check out some of my favorites that I use during the school year! I have each linked…and where I bought it beside the link. Be on the lookout for coupons on Michael’s site! I also did price comparison for you! So if I have it listed…it is the BEST DEAL you can find!

Use the Code DAILYUS23 at Michael’s to get 20% Off of your cart at checkout!

  1. Astrobrights Cardstock AND Colored Paper! (From Amazon)

I use this paper for EVERYTHING! It saves on color printing and copying. Basically, I can print everything in black and white–but on cute colored paper! Also, the cardstock is great for anything you want to last a while. I just laminate and boom–done!

2. Laminating Sheets (From Michael’s)

Obviously, I use this for everything too! I have a laminator in my classroom for those small jobs (I will link it below) and these sheets are sturdy and a great deal!

3. Laminator (From Amazon)

You can find expensive ones but this one has worked great for me AND it comes with a small paper-cutter and some other neat things! Honestly, I try to just save money where I can and this one isn’t expensive!

4. Highlighters (From Amazon)

I stock up on these because I teach a STAAR grade level (STAAR is the Texas Standardized Test.) You may not need a million of these if you don’t teach a grade level that does standardized tests–but these are very helpful for proving answers and editing papers!

5. Chart Paper (From Amazon)

I love this chart paper! It is a little more expensive than I would like–but I do use it often! I do all of my anchor charts on this paper AND any incentive charts I make throughout the year.

6. Lined Sticky Notes (From Amazon)

I ABSOLUTELY swear by these! I have students do many things on sticky notes–from jotting down ideas for writing, to simply voting for things in class…whatever it is–we use sticky notes! I used regular (unlined) ones for a long time but then realized these weren’t much more expensive and the students write so much more comfortably on these (and I can actually read what they write!) lol.

7. Rolling Organizer (From Michael’s)

I use this to store my center work for the week! The students can go over each day and get their center work out (one you set it up, it is great for a daily routine!

8. Magnetic Book Holders (From Amazon)

I wish I had found these sooner. I used them last year (mainly because I had a dry erase board and a chalkboard) but they were so handy for keeping my read alouds for the week handy, keeping extra spelling lists on the board, etc.

9. Classroom Organizer (From Michael’s)

I think this one speaks for itself. I promise it is worth the investment! I have used mine for years and even bought an extra for my office area at home!

10. Clipboards (From Michael’s)

Again, I wish I had done this sooner–but after COVID, I invested in a classroom set of clipboards so we could space out more. It was the best investment! I would say you don’t even have to have to class set–12 would be great to start with. It gives students flexibility to move around the room and not have to bring a hard book or something to write on.

11. Versa Board (From Michael’s)

This is such a great resource to use in small groups. You can use it to write on (dry erase) or use magnets as pictured above!

12. Dry Erase Markers (THE BEST ONES) (From Amazon)

Ditch ANY OTHER dry erase makers you have! These are THE BEST! I love using different colors but for some reason these are better quality than the regular Expo Colored Dry Erase Markers. TRUST ME!

All of these products are WORTH IT! You will not regret purchasing any or all of them! 🙂