Class Lottery System

New classroom management system coming at you! I have created a system that I think our kids are going to love!

Classroom Lottery System

First, let me tell you why I created this system. I created this to help you (as the teacher) have an exciting way to help your students’ meet goals, achieve high standards, and create a great classroom community!

The Lottery System is a CLASS goal. Our class must reach 25 points to get the reward (whichever reward we choose or they students will decides on through a vote.)

Scratch Off Stickers

Remember, scratching off a sticker is always up to teacher discretion. Maybe the principal gave their line a compliment—you can decide to scratch that sticker off revealing the points. However, the expectation is always to do what is right without a reward. So, we won’t be scratching a sticker off EVERY TIME we have a great line.

Using this system does get the students excited about trying to earn more points.

Need Scratch Off Stickers? Click on the link I just provided. 🙂 They are not expensive at all!

Finally, the same goes with reading and math lottery. Again, CLASS goals. Examples: when the CLASS reads 5 picture books, when the CLASS masters their skip counting by 3’s, when the CLASS shows strategies or their best effort.

Editable Slides

Now, are there editable slides? YES! There are editable slides included. These are for YOUR USE ONLY. You may not create your own and resell. However, they are beneficial if you have a different system in your classroom (Class Dojo, etc.)

Do you think you might benefit from using this in your classroom? If so, GRAB IT HERE!

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