Hey! I have been itching to send the e-mail because it is FULL of great resources and fun activities. I also show you what I have been up to in my class!

Escape Rooms are the BEST. I created an informational set and a fiction set! The kids LOVE them! They are very completive!

We do Accelerated Reading at our school and boy is it completive. I offer rewards for 3, 5 and 20 points in a week! And it took me forever to catch on–but post-its keep you from having to make a poster each week. ALSO, little know fact…I am the world worse at lining things up. I love these Post-it Chart Papers! (not sponsored lol.) I can hand it up, step back go fix it…then staple!

DESK PETS ARE BACK! lol. These are SO FUN! Read about them HERE. They earn these for AR 10 points in one week or for every AR 50 points during the school year. Here is an affiliate link  from Amazon if you want it!

This past week, I have my formal evaluation for the year. These are the things I was using. I all link them below! The exit tickets were a great closer. The InferGram was a big hit too!

Exit Tickets here and InferGram here!

More of the InferGram in action! The kids loved these!

I also have this AWESOME resources to use in my classroom! I am attaching the video below! You can also grab the resources in this video for FREE!

You can grab these free resources in the description of the YouTube Video!

I added a writing corner in my classroom! It contains spelling lists which Choice Boards, Whole Class Journals, and My Editing Text Messages!

Anyone else feel like they teacher stuff 12-18 times; 12-18 ways and it still doesn’t click. TEXT FEATURES are hard for my kids! So I posted these in my room along with an Anchor Chart. It was helped so much!

This past week, we used my Hands-On Word Work as a station. The kids loved! They have to match a card with a definition. They are challenging by fun!

Lastly, here is another video for you to watch! It is alllll about figurative language and FREE! You can grab it from the description on YouTube.

I know this was long but it has be a while since I have do a “what we do in the classroom” post. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL week!